This can be a powerful activation. Allow for quiet time and quiet space. It can be best felt and activated by reading aloud. More powerful yet, standing in front of a mirror. Many emotions and/or body sensations may arise. This is all part of the process of clearing away blocks to your purpose, truth, and coming more deeply into the remembrance of who you are and what you are here for. You may also feel very little, if anything at all. This is just fine. You are being activated, nonetheless. All is well. Please reach out to any of our JU Crew, if you have questions. 

Begin here:

The most crucial part of my mission is to clear my own triggers & old templates so I can open up and create space for new paradigms and programs.

*My belief systems create my experiences, which in turn, create my identities, create my stories, create my timelines…

In truth, I am pure. Pure Source. 

I came in as a pure soul, knowing full well the strong energies I would be dealing with. 

I knew I would address old energetic wounds and that they would play out in this lifetime. I also knew that in this lifetime it could all be cleared. 

This is my mission. 

To clear MY old energetic wounds. 

To come back into the remembrance and embodiment of the 

Pure Source Essence that, I AM … in physical form this go around. 

This is my mission.  

We have not been able to sustain this in physical form for millennia, as only a few have here and there. 

This is a big part of my frustration energy. Me, wanting to be ME. Forgetting who I am and what I am here to do, and when glimpses do come through they get seemingly thwarted by someone or something, one way or another. 

There has always been progress in each lifetime and valuable lessons learned. 

I hand picked all of the soul players in my life purposely because I knew this particular soul group would be what was needed to help me clear the wounds and old patterns. 

I agreed to do this, for me to work and move through my unique individual patterns. 

I signed on for the strongest triggers because I knew they would also be activators launching me out of the old paradigms and into the new. 

Most importantly, these triggers would cause me to seek out answers, thus moving me onto the awakening/awareness journey to the remembrance and recognition of who I am and what I am here to do. 

We trigger and activate each other. 

It is then up to me, within myself, to:




Learn from the situation

Clear it

Go beyond it 

As each falls away, I feel and know more of who I am, and less of who I am not. These are old identities ending in this lifetime. And I am doing it! 

Not everyone will choose this path, and this is ok and just fine. It does not mean I stay with them, or worry about them, or stay emotionally attached, or try to fix, save, or change them. 

This is not my work! 

They have their own lessons to learn and it is not for me to meddle within that. I understand this more clearly now. I let them be and I keep moving forward.

We all agreed to this before coming in. That whoever began waking up and consciously doing the work must keep going. I knew this. That if some fell behind or couldn’t remember, or got caught up in their ‘gunk’ … to let them be, and those awakening keep going. I see this more clearly now.

Like soldiers in war, and one gets too injured to even be carried, the others must go and do what needs to be done. Do you see? There is no judgment on who remembers and awakens and who doesn’t. 

All are pure and signed on for this, and if they triggered and activated me to remember my mission… they did their job. I thank them! I give them that energetic acknowledgement from my heart, and I keep going. 

I am a powerful soul. I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t. I am done undermining, belittling, and doubting myself. My wisdom is important and it needs to be more front and center – IN my business and out in the world. 

 It is time for me to stop shying away from what I know and how I am here to help. What I am wanting to say must be said. It’s coming in for a reason. I amp up my inner volume for what is asking to be said. The intent going forward is to tune into whom I am talking with, at soul level, including their Guide Team. 

There are old patterns being released. The contract was to come in and clear the old templates. I do know what my mission is. I do know it, and how to proceed. We all had different paths to walk through to move through the old templates. The mission was to clear them to make way for the new. 

I am doing it beautifully. I am, even if I do not think so. I am finding my way. I am hearing the call and dissolving the vows, and declarations of old so I can hear again and do what I signed on for. 

Some are still in the old template. It has a hold on them so to speak. Some jolting is called for. There is time, yes, but no time for old templates to be locked in. The gates are open. They have to go, to move forward. This is the wobbly energy – hanging on to old fear-based belief systems

This is what holds back my soul mission, at the very least, slowing it down.

I stay the course, one step at a time. I do the work to move forward. I do know what I signed on for. I am a very strong soul to achieve what will be achievable. 

I now lovingly hold my ground, my integrity, my knowing of what needs to be done.  I do my work to forward the mission. Or it is faulty ground. Some of my beloved fellow lightworkers are experiencing this as we speak. Some now recognizing they weren’t truly walking their talk. They were still in a template of doing what they thought they were ‘supposed’ to do – an inauthentic vibration. 

Inauthentic vibration = not walking your talk. 

There is a discrepancy, a discordance, people will hear the words but not feel it, and they won’t go there. They won’t fully know why, but they won’t. Something doesn’t feel right. 

When I am fully in truth from a pure, innocent, authentic space, it is felt. People will come because it will feel good and they will know they can trust it. 

Inauthentic vibration is a house of cards, faulty ground, a facade, an empty shell.

Walking the talk is real, authentic, pure, whole, trustworthy. It is BElievable because not only have I been through it, I also did the inner work to come out on the other side.

To teach, to consult, to be a leader in transformation, I must do my own transformational work, or it is inauthentic, false, phony, bogus, and not believable. 

The work must be in progress to move forward. This is non-negotiable. My work is to express what needs to be said and do what needs and is asking to be done for the good of all. 

The days of tiptoeing are over. I must speak my truth for all involved whether someOne likes it or not. Do you see? Do you hear? Yes. I do. 

Be the leader you know that you are and lead in love, honesty, purity, integrity, compassion, openness, flexibility, understanding, and saying what needs to be said. Saying what needs to be said. 

Keep us close. Hear from a higher plane. Catch everything and it all must be calmly and reverently called out and cleared out.

Go where you know you are to go. IN love and stay IN your heart. 

All are beloved souls. Many are very scared right now. This is not to bring or weigh you down. This is for your knowing, understanding, and compassion. We have said only those that can hold the vibration will go forth on their higher missions. This is not a bad thing for anyone. It is just fact. All is well. Hold deep compassion. 

Do what is needed to keep going.  Be in constant contact with us, headset amped on high to hear what is asking to be said, for the highest good.  All is well, Dear One. All is well. Know this deep down. 

Do NOT apologize or step back or step down. DO stand high in your sovereign leadership. 

You will know what to do. Many souls will step in with you. All is well, Dear One. All is well.