JUJU Light Essence Activation

Received by JU Founder, Linda Anderson

Note: This is purposely written in first person, for maximum result.

This can be a powerful activation. Allow for quiet time and space. Can be best felt and activated by reading aloud. More powerful yet, standing in front of a mirror. Many emotions and/or body sensations may arise. This is all part of the process of clearing away blocks to your purpose, truth, and coming more deeply into the remembrance of who you are and what you are here for. You may also feel very little, if anything at all. This is just fine. You are being activated, nonetheless. All is well. Please reach out to any of our JU Crew, if you have questions.


JUJU is a conscious energy being. 

She is the pure consciousness of JOY Undiluted.

She is a reminder for you of what you truly are, and can be in physical form.

She holds the space of who you really are.

She helps you unlock the remembrance of your 


 Soul Purpose

Soul Mission 

Soul Passion

What lights you up in serving humanity.

 She brings you back to 



Childlike Wonder


 Deep Inner JOY

 She is Gentle Strength and Gentle Courage. 

She is Pure Love.

She is here to tell you it’s time to put down the sword.

 Put it down.

You have been battling long enough.



Take a load off. 

Come in for nourishment for your mind-body-soul fill up and fuel up. 

Give your 




 Old limiting beliefs 

to her. 

You don’t need them where you are going. 

You have marvelous things to do going forward.

 It is now safe.

It is safe to let go of all that doesn’t serve you.

Let go so you can lighten your load and reserve your space for the most joyous, loving, abundant life, where  possibilities become wondrous realities. 

This is real. 

You Get to do this. 

It is GO TIME.

Open up fully to your most amazing journey. 

We are here for you.