Employee Happiness & Productivity

Motivating employees can be challenging. Perhaps it’s because a key factor is often overlooked: the employee’s happiness level.

employees who are happy are 12% more productive.

According to the University of Warwick

There are so many factors in today’s world that contribute to stress. It’s probably safe to say that there is always room for more happiness in your work environment.

Here are some tips to keep your employee happiness levels high:

1. Listen

What better way to understand what makes your employees happy than asking them for feedback. Conduct a survey or simply ask employees what’s important to them and figure out a way to implement some of the suggestions.

2. Perks

In an era where many employers are scaling back on perks to save money, your company can stand out in this arena. It doesn’t have to be a huge investment. Perhaps it’s offering a $25 gift card to the employee of the week. Little things that show appreciation for a job well done can go a long way in keeping employees happy and proud of the work they’re doing. If you can tie it to something that will contribute to happiness or decrease stress like paying for their gym membership or membership to a meditation app, even better!

3. Flexibility

Work life balance is a term almost every business throws around, but what are you actual providing employees that contributes to a more balanced life? With the technology available, perhaps you can offer work from home arrangements or flexible schedules. This one change can drastically reduce employee stress and increase happiness.

4. Help them find their purpose.

Ask them what personal goals they have. Maybe it’s taking their family on vacation or retiring 5 years early. When employees have a personal reason for why they are putting in the hard work, they are more motivated to complete the work and remain happy knowing it’s directly impacting the things they hope to achieve in the future. Now help them link their purpose with their work. Talk about opportunities within the company they could work towards. Help them create a vision both personally and professionally. Not only does this link a positive goal with their work, but it also shows that you care.

5. Have FUN!

Who says work has to be boring? Find ways to add more fun into your company culture. Have a social hour on Fridays or cater in lunch once in a while. Create fun contests with prizes. Play upbeat music or loosen the dress code a bit. There are countless ways to decrease stress and amp up the fun level. Get creative with it!

Many innovative companies have already figured this out and have implemented initiatives to lower stress and increase happiness in the workplace. This is a great way to motivate and retain employees for the long-term.