Yana Muenzenmeyer

brand essence director

Working for JU isn’t a job — it’s a mindset. It’s a natural and organic flow of creation, contraction, and massive expansion. My position has shifted many times over the two years of being with JU. Beginning with social media, to graphic design, to the enhancements to the app, to the creation of the website… one variable has always remained the same: divine creativity. As Brand Essence Director, I carry with me the creative vision of this powerful mission to raise the joy quotient of the planet. I also have come equipped with the ability to infuse the essence of its magic to the spaces JU occupies in the world. Each member of this amazing team has a purpose here to carry out this collective soul mission. From programs, to accounting, to project management, to graphics, to videos, to content… all is serving the highest good of the mission, and also the planet. Working for JU has become embracing a mindset of flow, creativity, play, love , bliss and JOY. From those feelings, we create for the good of the collective. The development of this conscious visionary enterprise has organically and naturally shifted and expanded in ways far beyond what we could’ve imagined before 8.8.18. Experiencing this transformation is one of true joy, and it’s beautiful to be able to express that all can experience joy. My soul’s calling and desire is to create spaces and content that contributes to others feeling safe and free to discover and be their true selves. I believe unity begins with being you, and JU is the sanctuary of self love and discovery. This is done through the app, the website, the products to come, graphics and content. It is my honor and pleasure to share my part to play in this incredible mission led by lovely Linda.