Ty Dobbs

yoga luminary director

As the Lead Yoga Luminary, it is with purpose and grace that I provide a creative foundation for all curious yoga seekers. The healing process of loving yourself through your body and breath combined is an experience of internal bonding that can assist many in today’s world. Yoga has made such a profound impact on my life, and I have personally seen it transform the lives of many others. In that process, I have also become aware of a lot of the common thoughts around yoga that will block many from ever trying it. As I continue to learn and develop, both as a practitioner and guide, I look forward to being able to provide encapsulating methods of teaching internal peace. In contribution to the team, I will also provide and adapt to any skill set that is needed to further develop the mission of living undiluted at JOY Undiluted. May you always turn inward when in despair and reflect the love that suspends in the air!