Logan Davis

e-mail marketing specialist & content writer

As the email strategist, I see myself as a messenger for JU. My goal is to embody the love and compassion JU provides and send that message out to the masses. I am here to help broadcast everything JU has going on whether it be updates, new programs, content, live events, and weekly inspiration. Through this consistent connection with our seekers, it builds trust and gives us all something to look forward to each week! Through my time with JU I have come into my creative writing strengths as well and find great fulfillment in sitting and writing about life, anxiety, and different ways to navigate these energies. Through my writing, I intend to remind people that we are not alone, life is magical, and we are here to walk each other through the difficult aspects of existence. In addition to email campaigns and content writing, I have created infographics for our Luminary and Ambassador programs, ambassador flyers, daily affirmations, and have been having fun creating some sacred geometry. The future of JU to me is to empower the individual and reveal to people their infinite potential. I also see that we will be an instrument in the change in how businesses are operated on a global scale. We are here to set the example that a rigid corporate template is a thing of the past, and we are pioneers of creative expression in the workplace for massive corporations and small businesses.