Linda Strauss Anderson

Founder, Lead Steward, and Luminary of JOY Undiluted. 

Hi! My name is Linda Anderson, Founder, Lead Steward, and Luminary of JOY Undiluted. 

One of my greatest joys is helping people unlock the remembrance of their truth, soul purpose, soul mission, soul passions, aka what lights YOU up in serving humanity, and creating new ways to bring that out into the world to serve your greater purpose. 

We came here for a higher purpose, with intuitive soul gifts and knowing. We came here to assist others on the awakening path, as well as create new paradigms and systems

Along with Joy Undiluted’s portals of connection, it is my pure joy to help you get online with your soul mission so we can spread awareness of your services, teachings, technologies, healings, wisdom and more, to assist those that are seeking a better life and wanting to make the world a better place.

If this is resonating with you in any way, let’s get together.. Whether you are wanting to explore what you’re truly here for, or you already know and wish to become a collaborative partner, JU Luminary member, or Ambassador, I truly look forward to connecting with you!

Some of my story…

Stories too scary to tell.. 

Afraid to let people know .. 

what will people think? 

What happened to her..

Don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. 

Don’t want to make waves. 

Don’t want anyone to know anything’s wrong… 

Keep it covered. Look good. 

Everything’s ‘fine.’ Keep it hidden. 

Don’t let anyone know…



How did I get here? 

How did I arrive in this space of where I am today? 

Once shy, inhibited, and scared, with feelings of unworthiness, unimportance and insignificance. I followed the conventional safe rules for years, checking off the boxes of what a woman is ‘supposed’ to do. I clearly and sadly remember thinking to myself, I have no other choice. 

To then become… 

A Life &, Spiritual coach, then Soul Mission Coach, Founder and Lead Steward of JOY Undiluted.

I would have never imagined…

Growing up…

I was a terribly shy, anxious girl. I remember a blanket feeling of always being afraid. As a really little girl, the vividly painful memory (and many more like it) of needing to hide behind my mom when we would run into someone she knew because I was so terrified. I was terrified of people. Why? No idea.

But yes, I was terrified. 

You’re not supposed to be scared. I took in this belief very early on. Scared, anxious and shy are bad words and you’re not supposed to be them. Well, what are you supposed to do when you feel and believe you ARE them? I’ll tell you what you do, you hide it and you fake it. You pretend, and hide well. 

That’s what I did. Anyone else? 

It’s not ok to be these ‘things’ and no one can EVER see me this way – too shameful – so I will have to play it cool, and act the opposite. 

Yes, I will act as if everything is fine. Act as if I’m sure of myself and got it all going on. While inside, silently crying, sad, shaming myself, terrified and feeling alone in it all. 

Not knowing there was ever a possibility of another way of being all of those early years…  Somehow, I did actually have glimpses of fun, glimpses of laughter, glimpses of my inner power, small glimpses of light along the way. 

I cast them off as ‘lucky’ moments, never as the truth of me. 

Oh no, the truth of me was that I was basically born – wrong. 

I actually once thought that God thought so little of me that he made me shy. 

Funny now, the thoughts of a child trying to make sense of things.

 We can be really good at mis-perceiving. 

We all grow up with insecurities. 

Unless you had perfect parents with psychic abilities to see what beliefs you were believing or mis-perceiving as a child… you, like me, misperceived what was real and what was false, many times to the detriment of ourselves. 

As long as we hold these beliefs in our subconscious (mostly unknowingly), 

we will carry them into every relationship we walk into and every part of our life. 

This is truth. 

So, of course, I carried my bag of insecurities and fears right into my relationships, including my marriage of 25 years with my now ex-husband.

As we were dating, I did actually let my guard down ‘enough’ to let him know how shy and anxious I was and that sometimes I even broke out in a blushed, blotchy rash from my anxiety. He told me that had happened to him from time to time too and that would never stop him from loving me. Well how do you not melt into that! That was it! 

Here was a man, a young man, (we were both pretty fresh out of college) that knew my ‘secret’ and still wanted me. Here, I would feel protected and safe. And he could feel protected and safe with me. Hmmm, false premise #? 

The agonizing realization that relying on anyone else for my safety, security, love, and acceptance does not work was harsh but also a game changer. To realize the only true safety comes from within my own Self and the truth of who I really am. This would eventually be the liberation to set me free.

Side note:

None of this is about bashing … anyone. This is not about laying blame anywhere. 

This is about understanding that we all bring insecurities into our relationships based on what we concur about ourselves as a child. This is fact. No one fully knows this going into relationships or marriage and I certainly did not. I have come to know now that everyone is doing the best they can with what they know at any given time. 

It’s only until we disprove, debunk, dissolve our false, negative, self-limiting beliefs that we realize, not only are we so much more than we thought we were, we begin loving ourselves in such a way that we will no longer tolerate what does not serve our heart and soul.

When we live as our insecurities and false beliefs, we are living a facade. We are not living our truth. A facade is not truth or made of any real strength. 

When we perceive ourselves falsely, we go through years of pretending to be something we think we aren’t. 

We never want to feel this way and that’s where the facade comes into play. 

It’s our ‘protector’ against being found out. 

The problem with a facade is that it is hard to keep up after a long period of time. Holding up a facade is exhausting. It’s tiresome. It’s depressing. It’s life sucking. It wears you down and makes you feel smaller and smaller, yet heavier and heavier. 

A facade also causes resentment and bitterness. 

You become so tired of feeling you have to live the charade, you begin to take it out on others, your partner, family, friends…. You project it onto them. Then they become the reason you still need to put on the facade. 

If you weren’t you I could be me! Huh? 

You’re putting too much pressure on me to be the me you met and I just can’t do that anymore. Yep. Doesn’t make any rational sense. The ego is seemingly twisted and sneaky. It is false protection and will hide in blame of another to keep you ‘safe.’

Bottom line? 

When I have an insecurity that I am ashamed of and don’t want to see it in myself, my defense mechanism will eventually protectively project it onto you and make you look like the bad guy so I won’t have to see it in myself. 

I did that to my husband..  And he did that to me too. We ALL do it to some extent. It’s classic projection to try and feel safe. In the end it’s not safe at all. It never takes away the fear. It only exacerbates it. 

At some point you either implode… or you seek another way. 

Truth be told… I began imploding first. 

I was down very early in our marriage. Honestly, dating as well. I do believe there was some genuine care from my husband when he told me he thought I should get some therapy. I knew he was hoping I’d get ‘fixed’ and then life would be great! That’s not quite how it works. And, be careful what you wish for.. Therapy for me was the beginning of Light peeking through. (Thank you Carol Seacord!) It was the opening door to my seeking. What I was seeking at that time I had no clue. Once the seeking door opens, however, there is no turning back. Ultimately, that’s a really good thing.

Why does someone have a journey of seeking when others don’t? 

I don’t fully know. All I know is I HAD to seek. It was like some invisible nudge, urge, loving shove…  It said, “There is another way to be. Go find it.” And off I went. Ravenously. 

 It wasn’t until the combination of going to a church that was open to all paths, all religions, spirituality … inviting me to explore my own relationship to God, the Divine… (Thank you Fountain Street Church!) and pivotal workshops that helped me uncover  hidden false beliefs about myself, I began shaking up these false truths. I began seeing in new light. 

This was a journey of quite a few years and took a lot of space in my life.  

My fears and my fear-based beliefs had a huge hold on me back then. 

The liberation came when I realized that I was actually the one doing the holding. 

This first led to self blame and beating myself up. I then came to realize the power in it.. If I put the belief there, I could also let it go. Empowerment!  I could also replace it with something better. More empowerment!

More than that, once I dissolve the illusion of these beliefs, the truth that is truly me… simply re-emerges because it was always there to begin with. How cool is that! 

Once you learn how to let these beliefs go, when you learn how to shift to truth, to the positive, to who you really are and how you want to be from That Space? Your wholeness re-emerges. 

Your life is transformed forever.

I began shifting. I began feeling more inner power. I began living my life more the way I wanted to live it, not how anyone else … wanted me to.

So why did I get divorced? 

I shifted. 

I was not the person I was when we first met. As I shifted into new ways of being, the ‘puzzle piece’ of me morphed. It expanded. My dynamic shifted with him.  I no longer fit the puzzle piece of my husband. We were simply in different places. 

There is no bad guy. 

Our journey’s were simply not aligned anymore. 

I say simply, but it wasn’t simple. It was painful. It was terrifying. It was horrible. Deep sadness, grief, and enormous guilt was felt for a while. You don’t go into a marriage intending to hurt someone. I never intended to hurt him. To tell someone you can’t do it anymore and then actually go through with it, was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

In my heart, I knew I had to do it. 

When we come into relationships with lack, and need someone else to fill our lack so we can feel ok… that only works as long as both parties are willing to play those roles.

As much as I didn’t want to hurt my husband, I couldn’t go back and live the old way either. We had years of therapy and marriage counseling, years of trying and not giving up.. Speaking for myself, in my own heart, if there was anything more to have done that would have felt right to do… I would have done it. For me there wasn’t. I was exhausted and it was time.

What happens many times is that once we begin to shift our vibration to higher frequencies, we may not match up anymore with the people/experiences we once did.. Our puzzle pieces simply don’t fit, so to speak. There is no good or bad, right or wrong. It just is. 

The Journey

We are all on a journey, a journey that is our own. A journey of our SELF. 

We all have to live our own life. We all GET to live our own life. This is not selfish. 

This is truth! 

Selfish is when we ask someone to live life in such a way for us … 

so we can feel better.  

The truth is… the only one that can make me feel good or bad is me. 

The only one that can make you feel good or bad is you. 

This is truth.

I’ve taken a long journey over a period of years to discover what is real, what is the truer me, the deeper soul essence of me. 

More and more unfolds everyday. 

It is exciting, exhausting, maddening and exhilarating – all at the same time! It is worth every single moment. I know without a doubt there is so much more to come and I can’t wait to see, feel and experience all of it. 

What about you? 

What do you have yet to uncover about yourself?

Aren’t you the least bit curious?

What if there’s a more joyful life for you? 

Hint: There is. 

Uncover, discover, seek, connect, reconnect, understand, know, LIVE. 

It’s possible.

It is worth it. 

Come join me.