Kelsey Miracle

multimedia producer & editor

As the Multimedia Producer & Editor, it is my goal to create content that leaves the audience curious on what JU has to offer. These videos need to replicate all that we do – and in some sense, it is the “face” of the company. I am always asking myself – what is the next thing that I will create in order to show the audience that EVERYONE is welcome – it does not matter if you’re a teenager or an elder, it does not matter what ethnicity you are, it does not matter if you are he/she/they – you are always welcome and we encourage diversity in our organization. I am confident that my content demonstrates that we are a mind-body-soul/wellness/spiritual awakening organization who will support you through your spiritual journey and help you discover more JOY in your life. Not only do I create marketing/hype/promotional/storytelling videos, but I am also creating content for our resources page – meditations, grounding meditations, affirmations, RTM audio files, etc. If there is a need in any area of the company – I shift in order to contribute my skill set. I am always open and looking for ways to contribute to this tribe. My ultimate goal is to also branch off into more of a storyteller role when the time is right – creating documentaries for JU, creating short films on healing modalities, creating documentary films for for JOY Uncensored where we interview people who have also experienced trauma and how this is a safe outlet to connect with others who may have experienced the same, and to also create short films that demonstrate who our luminaries are and what they offer.