JU Soul Mission

welcome to JU

We are so happy to share with you the beautiful Soul Mission that is JU, lovingly known as JUJU. She has been quite the ever-unfolding, following the soul lit breadcrumbs, treasure hunt!

Beginning with the simple desire to have a place where people could go to explore the many ways to raise the JOY in their life…

JOY Undiluted website launched Lionsgate 8.8.18

Connecting to a vast network of Luminaries converging on Facebook, we began recognizing something very magical was happening. Luminaries. Coaches, healers, intuitives, energy workers, mediums, tech visionaries…. Lightworkers and Wayshowers from all over the world were connecting. The words, global index came into view. 

The message: There is to be a meeting place where we all can connect, collaborate, assist each other with our unique soul gifts, then connect with the mass population waking up at an accelerated pace who will be needing our collective services. Exploration began in seeking the ways to create portals and platforms for this connection. 

 JOY Undiluted App was then created: a place for connection; community; mind-body-soul wellbeing information and tools; and Luminaries meeting up with Seekers.

Next up? 

JU holds the space for expressing our truths, restoring the sacredness and intimacy within ourselves and humanity; and truly reclaiming the sacredness and divine birthright of ourselves, including our sexuality. A safe space for vulnerability, intimacy, unconditional love, forgiveness, healing, and living our truth.

All of our JU portals are highly intentional spaces, infused with high-frequency energy, providing the opportunities to feel safe and grounded, clear old obsolete fear templates, elevate, and come into new, more joyous and loving ways of living and being.

Our days are filled collaborating with our JU crew on various creations, projects, and ventures, writing much of the intuitively channeled content as well as educational videos. 

Our biggest passion is helping people remember who they truly are, reminding them of what they came here for, and helping them ignite their missions, passions and purpose so they can help the people they came to help. 

We have learned first hand when you remember and live your soul purpose and mission, you are aligned and lit up from within, and your life becomes a truly JOYous adventure!

We love connecting with like-minded souls excited to collaborate and co-create new paradigms, systems, and wondrous new ways of being and living.

In a nutshell:
JU is a new template for a new timeline. It is not business in the old way in any sense of the word.