Jessica Denis-Sanchez

ju intern, writer, content creator

The ultimate goal is for JU to become a safe space for both luminaries and seekers to express themselves. Everyday we learn and grow from these interactions. Human interaction is something I love to participate in. On a daily basis, I share all the knowledge luminaries have to offer by posting and/or sharing on social media the inspirational messages they create and promote the services they provide. As a result, luminaries can reach those who seek spiritual growth. It is essential that I respond and engage the curious minds who stumble upon these posts by creating polls and interacting with them through their comments and questions. 

As a writer, I hope to give a voice to those who have suffered from depression and anxiety by sharing my experiences. Through hospitalization and outpatient treatment, I have been able to view life differently by taking a spiritual approach in addition to the traditional medication and psychological therapies. Now the time has come to share what I have learned so others can discover new avenues to cope with the stresses and anxiety of their daily life. As an autism mommy, I hope to end the stigmas attached to autism and those on the spectrum as well as provide a safe space for parents to express their fears, questions and concerns. Together we can break the stigmas against mental illness and autism!