Eric Carey

ambassador relations support

The Ambassador Relations Support role allows me to help others in a way like never before. I am the bridge between the Ambassadors and JOY Undiluted. I support the Ambassadors on all social platforms, making sure they have everything they need to represent JU. I make sure they know they’re supported and loved by being a part of their communities. I also mentor any Ambassadors that need it. I recruit and search for new Ambassadors with a very specific process which could take weeks sometimes to decide whether they are a good fit for JU or not. I am also here to help with any sort of JU streams tech needs, promoting and to Master Reset the Mental so that I may one day help others learn how to best utilize it. I’m here to be a part of good change, be a part of something larger than myself. I want to help others realize their true potential and learn how to be 100% authentic and true to who they are.