In the event that your membership payment is due but your credit card on file is no longer valid or active, you should update your credit card information and resubmit your payment. We will wait ten (10) days before canceling your membership due to failed payment. You can reactivate your membership at any time.


Once you submit payment for a membership, you may cancel and reactivate your membership at any time by emailing your JU Representative. If you cancel (or your account is cancelled due to failed payment), your public profiles becomes inactive but your account (and its content) is not deleted. Upon reactivation, your public profile becomes active. If you reactivate your membership within your current billing cycle (payment due date has not passed), your existing billing cycle will remain. If you reactivate your subscription outside your billing cycle (payment due date has already passed), you will be redirected to the cart and must re-purchase your membership to start a new billing cycle.


There are no refunds for memberships although you may cancel at any time.

For assistance or to cancel your membership contact your JU Representative.