Are You Ready To Play A New Game?

Change the game.  First, you recognize something sucks. Something does​n'​t feel good. Actually, you’ve known it for a long time. Then you get enough courage to move away from it to end the chapter. This sucks too​​ , but you know you have to go. There's got to be something more, something better.  First, hoping [...]

7 Science Backed Reasons to Meditate

More and more research is being conducted on the scientific effects of meditation on the mind and body. Meditation has been shown to impact various conditions ranging from depression, chronic pain, and insomnia to irritable bowel syndrome and high blood pressure. While the results vary among conditions and symptoms, across the board, meditation seems to [...]

Clearing the old belief : I’ve done something wrong, I’m in trouble again. Once and for all.

Yes. This belief system is deep and primordial, since the beginning of TIME… time as you know it as the human. Lemuria. Experiments. Experiments gone wrong.. Remember in essence nothing has been wrong, whatever was deemed wrong was also cleared simultaneously. You are in a Now moment as part of that clearing. Yes, something, some [...]

A Phenomenal Time to Be Living and a Difficult Time as Well

Yes, it truly is a phenomenal time to be living in so many ways, yet a difficult time as well. So much good, yet still so much not so good. The cool news is that we are moving out of old dysfunctional dynamics, patterns, and relationships--personal, relational, societal, career--that have been stifling disempowering, and suppressing [...]

Welcome,​ home hummingbird.

You know when hummingbirds come to visit and the whoosh of their wings catches you by surprise? All of a sudden, a joyful, playful, magical presence overcomes you; overwhelming you with wonderment. I love those moments. And that's how I feel about the JOY Undiluted App. The meaning of the hummingbird is beautifully described by [...]

You are JOY!

When we have forgotten who we are, we think and then believe that we are something we’re not. So, we seek outside of ourselves for it, in relationships, in addiction, in food, in drugs, in alcohol… Looking for something outside of us to make us feel joyful, loved, happy, alive… forever seeking, forever searching… when [...]

How to Trust Your Instincts and Move Forward in Life

TRUST It’s fascinating how my clients’ issues seem to go into themes. One week it is emotional enmeshment, the next it’s lack of confidence, another it is victim mode: ‘they’ are doing this to me…again. This week’s Big Theme? TRUST. What are they saying? “I don’t trust men. I don’t trust women. Men are manipulative. [...]

Love Is Your Superpower

I talk about getting to know yourself and coming into a place of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for yourself. This is not easy for most and frankly entirely foreign, like I’m speaking a language from a far distant planet! Why? Because we, as a human collective, have blocked off our heart - for a very long time. [...]

The Joy of the Life Shakeup/Breakup

She arrived like a bolt from the blue. She was perfect. Not just perfect “for me,” which she was. But she was perfect in every way. I was finally getting the reward I deserved for my protracted patience, waiting painstakingly for genuine substance and permission to embrace primal desire. She was a ten, the most [...]

Come back into your heart.

We are in a continuous state of shift and change now.  New solutions and ways of living are being birthed. I had the most amazing and impactful RESET in Mount Shasta. Spectacular weather, nature, all senses heightened, scents, energies, sights ( inner and outer), deeper clarity on so many things coming forth for me, profound [...]