If you do know, do you know the steps it takes to get that material to you as clothing you can wear?

I have been a consumer of Patagonia products since I can remember. Before I came along, my parents and grandparents were also purchasing and more importantly LOVING Patagonia products. They wear well, they last forever, and if you are tougher on clothes than can typically be handled, they have a lifetime guarantee. I have sent back my parents’ fleeces from the ‘80s, my own jackets that I have worn with much love and through tough, outdoor excursions. These were all repaired and returned to me. I used to think this was a big enough step in the right direction. I felt a great urge to keep backing the company in its quest to reduce the consumer-centric, fast-fashion lifestyle that has rooted itself in the world. Turns out it is not enough. Patagonia also realized this hard fact.

The article in this link by Patagonia expands the view of environmental and sustainability impacts of the industry even further. They are not perfect yet and have a long way to go still - as described in the article - but they are continuously on the journey to making each step of the manufacturing and distributing process better, more conscious and a step in the right direction.

There are many other brands in this world that are raising the awareness and sustainability of clothing manufacturing as well as consumption of their products. Who is next?

Remember to consume consciously when and where you can.

XO - Josie