How One Business is Making a JOYful Difference.

The furniture company Joybird not only has a catchy name, stylish handcrafted furniture, and snappy swatches, they are mindfully, “Planting Joy.”

Each purchase from Joybird plants trees. They have partnered with conservation groups to rejuvenate forests throughout the United States. Joybird is “committed to planting more trees than were used in the manufacturing of that item.” For example, one sofa sold equals six trees planted. So far, the company has given back over 407,913 trees.

Yet, their message continues. Joybird educates its shoppers on why it is important to replant trees. “Forests are critical in maintaining the planet’s limited supply of natural fresh water.” They “filter 50% of the nation’s water supply, with many large U.S. cities relying on healthy forests to provide a source of clean drinking water.”

At Joy Undiluted, we believe in supporting businesses dedicated to making a difference. Thank you, Joybird, for creating quality furniture that will stand the test of time, giving back to our forests, and all that you do to raise our world’s JOY quotient.