Listening to your inner guidance is self love.
If you truly want to live an authentic life, be true to your heart, your soul and yourself. It is vital to pay attention to how you feel at any given moment.

I love the quote, “If it’s not a hell yes, it’s a hell no,” used often by Abraham Hicks because it truly helps you to quickly see and feel if what is being presented in life is something that truly would benefit you in the best way or not.

It may sound blunt, trite, or even selfish, but I find that to live an authentic life, that truly feels meaningful, fulfilling, enlivening and good, saying to yourself, “Is this thing being offered to me a hell yes? If yes, go for it! If not, it’s a hell no.”

This is about paying attention to your inner radar, your inner compass.

You know it immediately in the way your body responds. Your body feels a certain way when you’re excited about something. When you really don’t want to do something, or it may actually not be beneficial for you at that time, your body knows it. The thoughts and reasons why typically come after the messages received from the body.

A hell yes feels great in the body!
A hell no doesn’t.
It’s that simple,
but boy do we make that complicated.

For me, it means to step back and politely decline an offer when it is a no. When do, I am so glad. I have an open space for another opportunity to arise. Then, I pay attention to whether the next invite is a hell yes. If it is, I emphatically say, “Yes!” In doing this, my outcome is usually even better than I imagined. Not kidding!

I emphatically say yes to the hell yes's.
I kindly, politely, and respectfully decline the hell no's.

When the door closes to the no, it opens to the yes, a better yes that... feels better.

You may not know why, and you don’t have to know at that moment. Begin to trust these impulses of something not feeling quite right, because guess what? It's not. So, step back for a moment to see what's going on.

I am at point in my life where I absolutely must follow my intuition.
The hell yes is truly the most JOYful Soul Path.

Feel ease, relaxation, JOY, fun excitement, creative energy… Exuberance! So good!

Old Conventions are out! - No more having to do what you think you have to based on past thinking and conditioning.

Following the soul path is IN! - I am hearing my soul nudgings and impulses, feeling in my body emotionally and what resonates with my heart and soul at any given moment.

Saying Hell Yes to what feels good.
Politely declining the hell no’s.
This is how to live a soulfully JOYfilled life.

Linda Anderson, JOY Undiluted Co-founder & Soul Empowerment Coach.