Freedom leads to JOY

I need my parents to love me.
I need my lover to love me.
I need my children to love me.
I need my friends to love me.

See the pattern?

There's an uncomfortably sad feeling going on here. We don't feel loved and feel we need someone, anyone, to love us. Then, we will feel happy.

If we need someone to love, we are demanding love. We are making or forcing it in order to feel better. This pattern breeds anger, resentment, and usually the eventual possibility of being left alone. Others stop coming to us in the first place.

Need does not draw love to us. Love draws Love to us. Our own love, within ourselves, is what truly draws love to us. When we don’t feel loved by our own self, we attempt to get it from someone else.

JU Spoiler alert:
Did you know that If you NEED love, you're actually asking for more need and not more love! This is Law of Attraction 101: Like energy attracts like energy. You will never get to love in need. You will simply attract more neediness and never get love.

You have to begin with love in yourself.
You have to love you!
Who needs to love you?
YOU do!
You love you!

Actually, in truth, you don't need to love yourself either. You are already love. You are already love itself. It is the time to recognize the love within that you are.

Take care of yourself.

Be sweet, kind, gentle, loving to yourself.

Go inside and find yourself again.

The love you are wanting is right within you! It's in your Heart. It's in your Soul. Once you wake up to the love that you are again, you will never need love again. Then you are really free to love, and someone else is free to love you!

What would it feel like to love yourself? What does loving yourself feel like? This is your exploration. The more you truly love yourself, the less you need it from another. Then when you do experience love from another, be prepared to taste the most delicious icing on the cake!

Freedom to Love.

That's! Delicious!


Linda Anderson, Co-Founder | JOY Undiluted