You deserve a love
You deserve a love that gives you wings
That reaches for you within the darkness
You deserve a love that comes with hands open offering truth
And their full heart
You deserve so much more than pieces
Or to spend your darkened nights wondering
You deserve a love that never makes you question
That never lets doubt grow within meanings and intent
You deserve a love that can’t stop kissing you
Touching you
Holding you
One that wants nothing more than to sink into the quietness of a cool autumn night together
A love that wakes you up to beauty
And potential
You deserve a love that tastes like everything you’d never thought you’d ever have
One that challenges you
Inspires you to heal
To become better
Not for you but themselves
You deserve a love that plans
That moves mountains to have you in their life
One that takes your hand and sees their future reflected in your eyes
A love that becomes a promise
You deserve a love that makes even the hardest day worth it
A love that truly is forever.

Kate Rose: Writer of Love & all things with Soul, Relationship Coach, Mother, Self-Love Activist, Artist & Professional Wanderer. Find more moving words by Kate on her website or connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.