Did you know…
On average we have 50,000 to 75,000 thoughts a day. Ninety percent of them are negative, judgmental and fear-based! That’s a lot! Is it any wonder there’s so much unhappiness, depression, anxiety, suicide... in the world today?

Look at these for a moment…
I have too much to think about.
My head is spinning.
I can’t think straight.
I can’t stop the negative, self judgment.
I’m always beating myself up.
I’m my worst critic.
I’m so worried and anxious.
Everyone keeps telling me what to do!
The peanut gallery in my head won’t shut up!

This is the spin, the riff raff, the 50 to 75 thousand thoughts running rampant in your head everyday. No wonder we’re so ‘crazed’! However…
There is a way and a space that sifts out the thoughts, provides clarity, and feeds you only what is helpful: Your Heart.
Move out of your head. Move in and live from your HEART.

Your HEART is your…
Truth Serum..

Your HEART is where you get clear - your head is where you get confused.
Your HEART is where you receive Inner Wisdom - your head is full of doubt, conflict, false truths..
Your HEART is where your true power lies - your head is where your power is diminished.
Your HEART is where you come to know your truths - your head is where you hear false, self-judgments.
Your HEART is where you receive/hear the inspired insights and action that feels nothing short of... magic.
To become more clear, wise, powerful, knowing the fullness of your truth, and living your life with more ease, joy, fun, satisfaction…. Move out of your head. Live from your HEART. Watch your life shift to the magical.
Put your hands on your HEART. Really! Right now. Close your eyes. Take a Deep Breath...
Say, “Yes!” to yourself, to your Heart. It’s time.

- Linda Anderson, Co-Founder, Joy Undiluted