The secret to living a life you love is to free yourself to design it however you wish
Free yourself from the conditioning we’ve all been raised with
Free yourself from self-limiting beliefs
But maybe most of all
Free yourself from the hamster wheel of this is just how it is
Marriages lose passion
Jobs are just a way to make money
Nobody has amazing sex once they’ve been together forever
Well I’m a mom so
Or I’m the man so I need to provide for my family
Even the line it’s the right thing to do
I’m not saying to turn into a selfish asshole but what I am saying is that you need to make you happy first
If you’re in a crappy relationship leave
If your job is slowing taking the life from you find a new one
If you want more sex have it
If you want to travel then book it
Hey if you want to try it
Then do it
Because if you’re not happy with your life
You won’t be happy with anyone in it
Or anything you’re doing either
You start making decisions from survival mode
Instead from the love of soaking in life
And the reality is
Not everyone will approve of the life you love
They won’t validate your choices to go against the grain
The mainstream
But doing it anyway is part of the journey to earn that badge
The one that says you didn’t take the easy way
That you decided long ago to be good to anyone you first have to be good to you
Because love for your life
For your partner
For your kids
Hell even career
All begins with the love you have for yourself
The love of having freed yourself
From thinking
That’s just the way it had to be.✌🏽

Kate Rose: Writer of Love & all things with Soul, Relationship Coach, Mother, Self-Love Activist, Artist & Professional Wanderer. Find more moving words by Kate on her website.