The energies and situations around us can be so intense at times. They can have us feeling heavy, down in the dumps, fearful, deeply sad, confused, anxious… wondering,
will it ever end, will it ever get better?

What is your self care when you are in these times? What are you doing about it? Are you doing anything? Are you listening in?

If you haven’t been listening, will you make an intention to? Will you close your eyes, take a deep breath, feel into your heart, feel this quiet sanctuary space. Your soul, your heart, your inner self is calling to you. Do you know this? Calling, nudging, whispering, giving you signs in the multiple forms or words, whisperings, ideas, messages, people.

Are you listening?

You may receive an answer right away. If you do, act on it! Impulses and inspired action from this space always directs you to something that will help you feel better.

Have you reached out to someone who can help you move through what is happening for you? There are many around the world, who have deeply loving, beautiful wisdom and healing modalities to share with you. They are ready to assist you wherever you are on your journey.

This is why we created Joy Undiluted app.

Not only is it a place to come for community, inspiration, support, it also contains a directory of Guides: mind body soul practitioners who are changing people’s lives with their sessions every day! They are here for you too!

Please don’t stay quiet in your pain.

There is so much love and assistance here for you. Is it time to do something about it? You don’t have to endure alone.

Download the Joy Undiluted app today. Join our Community. Explore our Guides. Get the help and upliftment you need.

- XO -
Linda Anderson, JOY Undiluted Co-Founder