Site co-founder, Kendra McComb, shares her personal struggles with the labels society puts on women, mothers, and herself.

Yes: I am in fact - and conventionally labeled - a single Mom.

So getting real for a minute, this label is - in fact - NOT bringing me JOY!

The status of my intimate, personal relationship with an amazing man, (whether or not I have one) has nothing to do with my label as a mother. I saw a brief video on LinkedIn of Arianna Huffington and she referred to Working Moms... okay so that raises my joy quotient a little.

Anyway, my thoughts on this shift to a more global conversation about how we label others, our roles in life, how labels define our status, and so on. Instead of identifying myself and others like me by facts that do not reflect the essence of us as people, such as "whether or not I am a parent" and "whether or not I am single, in a relationship or married" how about saying.... she is an entrepreneur, business and personal mentor, relationship builder, change-agent, advocate, thought-leader, socially conscious or simply a nice person? Wouldn’t that be better?

An important part of transitioning away from conventional norms or pigeon holes is coloring outside of the lines right? So the next time you are positioned to label or introduce someone, think of - and speak out loud - their best attributes as the IMPORTANT and UNIQUE soul they are. In doing so, you’ll become the change-maker and joy influencer I know we can all be!

Joyfully, Kendra
Entrepreneur & Business Mentor