The following poem was shared with us by Kate Rose.

Trust isn’t just a feeling but a decision
It begins with being vulnerable
With giving of ourselves to another
Opening to them
Giving them a map of our most long held secrets hoping they would never use them to hurt us
It’s felt within the acceptance of self
To be who we truly are
To be who we are on any given day
To know they would never use our darkness against us
It’s the ability to believe in another
And create worlds from the dreams we spin together
But it also becomes a choice
Because we as humans are far from perfect
And so regardless of specifics we’ll hurt one another
Those we love most at times
Perhaps not on purpose but we still do
And it’s then we are faced with a choice
“Is the love worth deciding to trust again”
Can we not just forgive
But forget
Knowing love isn’t built within the happy times
But in the difficult ones you get through together
And so we have the choice to trust once again
To open
To believe in another
Not because they have proved themselves worthy but because it’s a conscience choice we have made
To trust the words
The actions
And the love above all else
Love will never be perfect because we ourselves are flawed but it can be real
It can be strong enough to weather any storm
And when it does
You’ll know that the choice to trust
Far outweighed what you would have lost
If you didn’t.

Kate Rose: Writer of Love & all things with Soul, Relationship Coach, Mother, Self-Love Activist, Artist & Professional Wanderer.

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