Health Coach Connection - Your Body, Your Life

We have one body to live with our whole lives.
How are you living in…and with yours? Enemy, Frenemy, or Partner?

Medical advances, growth of medical facilities, and practitioners are so readily available to us. How is health coaching even a thing? Most of us have probably learned at least some basics of how to be healthy, right? And…”Got Internet?” We have Google University at our fingertips to surf for any of a wide variety of ways to tweak and improve our health in practically every respect.

Where does a health coach fit in?

An experience with a health coach will involve how you approach your health, your body, and your life...beyond what our insurance will pay; and thus, what we limit our access to practitioner care to, beyond a diagnosis and prescription, and even beyond eating right, counting calories, workouts, and dieting. This is where a good health coach can help.

As an Integrative Nutrition Holistic Health Coach, some people who seek me out are struggling with their body in some way, feeling like it’s actually sabotaging them. Their bodies are enemies, or at best, frenemies. Perhaps, it’s an autoimmune disease or digestive issues that caused multiple doctor visits. The prescriptions have disappointingly not delivered on results, leaving you with discomfort, dysfunction, and frankly, a little desperation. Something is wrong.

Why can’t it be fixed? Most likely it can, or at least helped. This may be a general unease in the life they’re living, with exhaustion, lack of purpose, connection, or simply dropping into a sense of resignation that maybe they have to accept that this is just being part of getting “old.” Sadly, these are areas where regular medical care fall a bit short.

Working with a Holistic Health Coach invites one’s whole being to the table. By looking not only at the secondary nutrients, the foods that go into a body to fuel its function, but also the primary nutrients, we take a big picture approach to how a body and life is nourished. Diets? Nope. Don’t do ‘em, except for an occasional food sensitivity elimination protocol.

Instead, experience the opportunity to really look at life, health, primary nutrients, and where we are best living fully.

One will notice:
The health our environment and physical activity.
The health of our relationships.
The health of our careers and finances.
The health of our connections to others in community, giving back, purpose.

Those things bring JOY to the experience of life, or at least they can!

All of these affect what goes on inside a body. Connect the dots, build intuition, and learn to listen to our bodies. Add in good stuff, let what doesn’t serve us fall away, and no longer be craved.

Spend time in abundance, and let go of lack.

Next, we examine behaviors, thought patterns, and coping mechanisms that have gotten us this far--and served us well at some point, anyway. Those stick around because they worked once. Even though, more often than not, they become the “do not enter” sign we obediently follow that keeps us from opening the door to a better, happier, and more successful future. They have outlived their usefulness, just like those old popular bellbottoms or crop tops! A fun makeover to tweak the brain wardrobe and even play with some great new colors or bling that resonates with the way we want to live today really reboots the brain-body connection.

An excellent health coach brings hopefulness, resources, behaviors, mindset changes, and physical health shifts into the realm of potential, growth, and action toward owning a journey. Imagine being the master of creating, or recreating, a trust relationship with ourselves and bodies - to shift from dis-ease and lethargy into a fuller experience of living in healthy ease and JOY within our naturally brilliant bodies.

If you want to stop feeling like your own body has become your worst enemy and start delighting in discovering that it’s actually your brilliant new BFF, making a connection with a good health coach for a sample session is a great next step to living in a healthier, more joyful, and fulfilling experience of this thing we do called Life.

By Paula Roelands

Paula Roelands is a Holistic Health coach and entrepreneur with a heart for adventure, personal growth, naturally brilliant health, and meaningful relationship in self, others, and the world. You can find Paula at or via Facebook at