"You must unlearn what you have learned." ~Yoda

The beginning of a new school year brings back many memories for me as a mother and a student. As a mother, I recall the hustle and bustle of purchasing new school clothes and classroom supplies for my children- reflecting on the summer break with a trace of sadness that it was over, but also an eager readiness to get back into a regular regime.

As a student, I also recall picking out new clothes and supplies. Actually, I can smell right now the #2 lead pencils and pink erasers. I loved, Loved that emerald green sweater and pant set I wore the first day of middle school. Although, it was way too early to wear at that time of year. I was so very hot that day, but looked good - ha! My strongest recollection is my excitement for the new books. I adored books and enjoyed learning, as I still do to this day.

But, school isn't the only place to learn. We can learn in the school of life. In life's school, unfortunately, we can be misinformed or have experiences that leave us conflicted and confused creating negative thoughts and suffering. We may have been taught ideologies and concepts that dis-empowered and robbed us of our joy. This is when unlearning helps and heals. As Yoda from Star Wars states, "You must unlearn what you have learned."

Eric Butterworth, the popular minister, author, and positive thought advocate claimed,
"More important than learning to recall things is finding ways to forget things that are cluttering the mind."

How do we unlearn and unclutter the mind?

We unlearn and unclutter our minds in stillness and quiet connecting with our hearts. Allowing unconditional love, God's love, to purge, purify and reveal truth.

Your mind infused with unconditional love is you exemplified as pure radiance.
It's you experiencing JOY and peace within yourself, not contingent on outer circumstances. It's you on a continuous "summer break" while simultaneously learning and growing in life's school.

May you unlearn anything that keeps you from knowing to the core of your being how deeply loved you are. May you unlearn anything that robs your joy. May your mind be uncluttered of all thoughts that diminish your peace. The choice is always yours.

Sparkle on!

Copyright, Denna J. Shelton, 2018
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