We either make excuses, or we make plans
Sometimes we even make excuses as to why we don’t make plans
We masquerade as noncommittal
Perhaps afraid of making a mistake
But deep down we’re most afraid of trying and failing
We can’t possibly take that chance
We aren’t ready to apply for that job
We can’t book that trip
Or say I love you
We can’t leave our relationship
We can’t and then fill in the blank
Because we’re not ready
What if we’re wrong
What if something happens
What if we get hurt
And so we hold ourselves back
We hold up our lives
Thinking someday we’ll make plans
Someday we’ll feel ready
Someday we’ll be financially secure
Someday we’ll actually feel like a grown-up
Whatever that is anyway
But those are only excuses
And the thing is while we say others hold us back
Putting our lack of growth on others
On our circumstance
On our surroundings
In truth, it’s on us
Because no one is gonna take your hand and tell you how and when to make big moves
(PS...if they do or try, run like hell in the other direction)
What we have to realize is making a plan is like a commitment to our dreams
It’s not binding our wings
Or selling out
But it’s making a plan for happiness
To do all those things we want
To experience all life has
To love with every beat of our heart
Knowing just because something doesn’t work out doesn’t mean it can’t also give you everything you need to go even further
Dream bigger
So screw the excuses
The what if’s and why nots
And make a plan
To have life be everything you’ve ever wanted and more
Be the executor of your own dreams
And the director of your life. ✌🏽

Kate Rose: Writer of Love & all things with Soul, Relationship Coach, Mother, Self-Love Activist, Artist & Professional Wanderer. Find more moving words by Kate on her website.