Happiness doesn’t exist after quitting your job and running off to Bali to live off the grid
It doesn’t begin once you’ve found yourself
Or even once you no longer have to check your bank balance on a daily basis
It doesn’t begin when you’re driving that new ride through your old neighborhood
And it certainly doesn’t begin once you’ve got a diamond on your left hand
The thing with happiness is it doesn’t actually matter how much we have
How much we get
How many accolades
Or even likes
Because all of that is temporary
And to make our happiness dependent upon a temporary thing is to eventually set ourselves up for failure
For unhappiness
Happiness can be described as the state of being content
At peace
Not because we’re not planning and growing
Or haven’t got a list of dreams we’re dedicated to pursuing
But in the moment
Whatever the moment is
Whether it’s on a beach with your toes in the sand and a painkiller in one hand
Stuck in traffic in the morning on the way to work
Laying tangled lips swollen bodies at rest after making love all night
Tending to the fevered foreheads of sick children
Happiness needs to rest inside of you as deeply as your confidence
As your light
And just like we aim to be love
We should also aim to be happiness
Because until we can find joy within what we already have we will never see it in what we will receive
The trick is to stop playing the they have it better game
To stop comparing to those around you
Or even those on here
Beautiful pictures and an extravagant lifestyle isn’t a guarantee of happiness just as living frugally doesn’t mean we aren’t
Happiness is the way we wake up with the sun
The way we carry ourselves
The way we want others to feel who cross our paths
Because as amazing
Crazy and passionate as this life is
Happiness is an inside job
And until we find our own
We’ll only ever unsuccessfully search outside of ourselves
And in the process
Miss out on the best parts of life
The parts that are happening now.✌🏽

Kate Rose: Writer of Love & all things with Soul, Relationship Coach, Mother, Self-Love Activist, Artist & Professional Wanderer. Find more moving words by Kate on her website