As we think of all the amazing ways in which we can connect to others and the world these days, we are reminded of all those who truly do love and care for us, both near and far. Whether you believe in guardian angels, your own soul tribe or archangels perhaps, there are also plenty of people right here in bodily form who have your back.

Consider the young gal who was being bullied at school, posted her story on YouTube and found that the entire New York Yankees baseball organization was actually on her team too! Think of the policeman from Oklahoma who become the foster parent of an 8 year old boy (a victim of child abuse)… and then formally adopted him as his own a few years later. Or have you read the book “I’ll Push You” about two life-long best friends, one able-bodied and the other wheel chair bound who took a 500 mile trek through Spain with the support of so many “strangers”?

Love, goodness, and JOY abounds for us in this lifetime and it is the desire of the universe for us all to live in it each day. Many of us have experienced times of uncertainty, despair and heartache, and hopefully you will find comfort in the fact that you are truly not alone in these experiences. YOU ARE TRULY NOT ALONE.

Again, thinking of all the ways in which we can connect to others… reach out if you need help! You are worthy and are deserving of whatever assistance you may need. There are people who want and need to be there for you, who have had similar experiences, losses, heartache, anxiety, fear, and frustrations. There is so much JOY on the other side of this, know that, believe that and seek out the people that are there for YOU!

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Kendra McComb, JOY Undiluted

Thoughts From A High School Senior

Before reaching out for life coaching I was going through an emotional flatline. Everything was dull. My vitality slipped away from me all at once, after a chain of events pushed me over the edge. Two years ago, I was the first player on my club team to accept a full ride to a Division-I school, my first relationship with a boy was thriving and my confidence in just about every way was booming; I felt like I had everything figured out.

Then suddenly, everything came crashing down. My experience as an athlete took a negative turn, diminishing my confidence. Around the same time, my personal life was attacked by an accumulation of frustrations and sadness. And the relationship with my first love began to feel sick. For the first time in my life, I felt unwanted, and eventually, I let depression seep into my life and it successfully pulled me into a deep place of sadness.

At my Dad’s suggestion I met with Linda, who is a Life Coach and I was surprisingly engaged with her from the start. She introduced ways of thinking, speaking and living that made sense and I learned how to manifest what I want, how to decipher between the lies and the truths of what we think about ourselves everyday, and I learned how to value my opinions and beliefs more than anyone else's. Most of all, I realized that almost everything that had occurred in my life happened because I allowed it to. My conversations with Linda have helped me understand that I am the only one who can determine my self-worth.

As I'm coming into a new understanding of who I am, I realize I can have and be whatever I want. I get to choose where I go in life and how I feel, and because of this, I feel good about my choice to go to Hope college in the Fall. In the past, I would have let others tell me where to go and who to be. Now, with my heart as my compass, I am finding my own path. I am still shifting and changing, but I don't wake up every morning waiting for the day to end. I welcome every day now, regardless of the unknown, because I know who I am, and I can see what I desire. I finally mean it when I say, I can do that.

- Sophia Terzes, 12th Grade, Michigan