I’ve always considered myself a fairly grounded person, stable, don’t fly off the handle, sensible... I’m the one people go to for help and assistance. People feel comfortable bearing their soul to me. I am that non-judgemental observer for them. I teach them to be more present in their body and feel more from their heart. I tell them to get out of their head, out of their thoughts, out of their monkey mind, and into the core of them where they can feel. Really feel. While all of this may be true, I have discovered something lately… I am actually not in my body anyway near what I thought I was.

How do I know this and how would you know if you are living from inside your body or out? Here are a few pointers:

Worrying a lot.
This could be about anything: your health, your finances, your family, your relationships, your future, if the bread is stale, or will the Spartans win? (had to sneak that one in there)

Being frequently upset at what others are doing to you or someone.

Easily upset and or angry about how you are being treated, what’s happening in the world that’s not good, worrying that justice will never be done…

Doing too much externally.
This comes in many forms: working too much, laying on the couch too much, watching tv too much, eating too much, drinking too much, shopping too much...

Beating yourself up.
That continual voice spouting self-judgments, shaming you for doing something or not doing something. Looking a certain way, or not looking a certain way. Constant picking on yourself.

Why do I say we are not in our body when we do these things? It is because we are up in our mind. There’s a difference. Up in the mind there is an ocean of judgments, thoughts, beliefs that are fear-based and many not even yours. Many come from society, old outdated ancestral conditioning, outdated religious beliefs, fear.

When we get focused only on the mind, we get lost in an ocean of fear, worry, anxiety and depression.

When we come back into the body and really feel… this is when we can truly get in touch and uncover what is going on within us and also where the solutions emerge. When these solutions begin dissolving our issues, our JOY has the capability to emerge as well.

What to do?

The first thing to do is recognize how much the above themes are happening with you?
Ask yourself if you are an over thinker or worrier. Do you avoid or bypass what might feel good to you by overindulging in certain behaviors? Take an honest, loving non-judgmental look at this?

Get in touch with your body again and often.

What does your breath feel and sound like to you? Are you deeply breathing? Are you breathing fully into your entire body? There are many breathing techniques to help with this. Yoga, Gyrotonics, Pilates, Meditation and much more… can help you reconnect your to your breath and your body.

Walking in nature and taking it with all of your senses. Feel the ground beneath you. Really feel it. Hear all of the animal sounds. Take in the scents. Feel the air on your skin. Bring all of the these noticings into your heart. Feel them deeply.

There are many ways to get back in touch with your body.
Play, explore, and go within.
Feel yourself deeply.
This is where your healing lies.
This is where your JOY is.

Linda Anderson, JOY Undiluted Co-founder