who we are

We are JOY Undiluted, a conscious visionary enterprise.

Joy Undiluted is a global community, created to guide and connect individuals who are on their personal and professional journeys to more joy.

This is all part of our greater mission to raise the joy quotient of the planet.

what we do

We create and curate resources to feed your mind, body, and soul.

Joy Undiluted makes best-in-class wellness resources—including video content, guides, articles, and beyond—accessible to anyone.

With Workplace Wellness, we expand our wellness offerings to all organizations, from non-profits to SMBs to enterprises. Workplace Wellness has a variety of programs designed to help your employees reset and refocus in 3 minutes or less, whether they’re remote or onsite.

how we do it

We leverage technology to make wellness accessible.

Through our app, we deliver comprehensive wellness programs and resources to organizations and individuals alike.

Our platform is thoughtfully designed to meet people exactly where they’re at in their pursuit of more joy, and grow alongside them as they continue on their journey. 

why we do it

We believe in the power of free-flowing, undiluted joy.

We exist to help people live their lives with more joy, and amplify the messages and wisdom of humans who serve the planet by living their unique joy—these are the luminaries and visionaries behind our wellness resources.

meet the JU Crew

The Joy Undiluted Crew is a collective group of individuals who are on a mission to help people live their lives with less stress and more joy.

Linda Anderson

Mission Visionary & Founder of JOY Undiluted

“Never has there been a better or safer time to express what has felt to be unexpressible. To see, feel, heal, go beyond all that has held us back from living – truly living- in fullness, aliveness, richness, thriving, deep love, and even deeper JOY… this IS your natural birthright.” Linda Anderson

Email me: landerson@joyundiluted.com

Jayden Heyer


“It’s not where you go, it’s who you go with.” Charles Schulz

Email me: jheyer@joyundiluted.com

Amanda Bell

HR / Office Admin

“You are loved, you are worthy.” Amanda Bell

Email me: abell@joyundiluted.com

Yana Muenzenmeyer

Brand Essence Director

“Art is every moment we consciously create. Art is every moment we unconsciously create. Art is every momentbecause we are constantly creating.” Yana Muenzenmeyer

Email me: ymuenzenmeyer@joyundiluted.com

Kelsey Miracle

Multimedia Producer & Editor

“There’s no such thing as limitations in this world if you have a clear vision, are constantly curious, and take inspired action. With that determination and persistence anything is possible.” Kelsey Miracle

Email me: kmiracle@joyundiluted.com

Stephanie Kieth

Presence Director

“Don’t wish for it. Create it.” Stephanie Kieth

Email me: skieth@joyundiluted.com

Rayner Barerra

Project Creator & Abundance Manifestor

“This life is what you make it. Embrace it, do not waste it.” Rayner Barerra

Email me: rbarerra@joyundiluted.com

Sam Anderson

Healing Modality Researcher & Content Creator

“Lead with your heart not your mind. Intuition is strong follow that it will take you far.” Sam Anderson

Aspen Strauss

Media Intern

“I was created to so something big, and with that, I will take what I have, and do with it what I must.” Aspen Strauss

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