Did you know that your brain and heart are not merely responsible for regulating bodily functions that keep you alive, but also play an integral role in trauma healing and quantum manifestation?

The brain is the most complex part of the body, and has the ability to send and receive an enormous amount of information. Because of its complexity, scientists don’t fully understand it, and many questions are yet to be answered.

The human brain contains billions of nerve cells or “neurons”.

Trillions of connections or synapses connect our neurons. To give you a real sense of how powerful this is, let’s look at billions and trillions in terms of money, which we can easily process. Let’s assume you had a job that paid $1 per second or $3,600 per hour, and you worked 24/7. It would take you 11.6 days to earn a million dollars, 31.7 years to earn a billion dollars, and 31,700 years to earn a trillion dollars! Now that we can see how vast the number trillion is, we can begin to understand just how complex the brain truly is.

Let’s look at the heart.

The heart is responsible for circulating oxygen – full blood throughout the body. The heart beats 115,000 times per day and pumps 2,000 gallons of blood each day. If you were to stretch out your blood vessels, they would reach over 60,000 miles! The heart also has its own electrical system called the cardiac conduction system.

The heart communicates to the brain in 4 ways – neurologically through nerve impulses, biochemically via hormones, biophysically through pressure waves, and energetically through electromagnetic field interactions.


When you become stressed, the heart communicates this via adrenaline hormones, which then arouse the brain. The brain then tries to narrow the focus to the cause of the stress in your external environment. This puts the brain into an incoherent state.  

Brain incoherence is not a state you want to be in when you want to be creative or meditate. This is the time to fight, flight, or hide. The more power you give to the external environment causing the stress, the more power and energy you’re taking from yourself and giving to the outside world. This results in less energy in your brain and heart. The unfortunate reality is that this stressful incoherent state is what most people live in 70% of the time.  

There is an invisible field of light around us at all times. When the brain is in this incoherent state, you are disconnected from your inner self and focused on the external environment. This causes you to deplete energy from this field of light around you.

To sum it up:

incoherent heart & brain = low energy

coherent heart & brain = high energy

higher energy = trauma healing & quantum manifestation

How do we shift from incoherent to coherent?

It all starts with our focus. If we have a convergent focus, we are focused on the material world. As we shift our focus to a divergent focus, we take that focus off the material world. The easiest way to do this is with the breath. Close your eyes and focus on your breath. Imagine the infinite space around you. As you sink into the present moment, the brain and heart become coherent. When you can stay in heart coherence even for a short time, you begin to heal trauma. In this coherent state, you release over a thousand chemicals that repair the body.  

Shifting from incoherence to coherence can also be done through emotions. Emotions like anger, hate, frustration, and sadness are survival emotions. An incoherent state tells you that you must look to the outside world for love, joy, happiness, peace, and fulfillment. Creative, heart-centered emotions include joy, love, gratitude, and peace. In a coherent state, you know these heart-centered emotions can be found within yourself.  

Getting into a heart centered state is relatively easy!

It requires immersing yourself in the present moment and looking within rather than focusing on the external environment. It is in this coherent, heart-centered state where you have a high energetic state. By embodying the emotions of that which you wish to manifest, that high energy force around you will match with the energetic state of those heart-centered emotions causing a quantum shift from one probable reality to another, also known as quantum manifesting.  

As you can see, the heart and brain do so much more than the complex bodily functions we are familiar with. They also allow us to tap into the energetic field around us, shift our reality and ignite the process of trauma healing and quantum manifestation.


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Stephanie Keith, JU Presence Director, Luminary, and Founder of Law Of Attraction Tribe.