How to Manifest in 17 Seconds

What are you telling yourself everyday? 

Your mind is a powerful creator. YOU are a powerful creator. 

You create your experience. 

Let’s reset. 

It takes 17 seconds to begin to build momentum. We are constantly manifesting. CONSTANTLY. Why let outside forces dictate your human experience? 

We’ve all had those days where we wake up and a thought comes in… stressful, worrisome, something not fun… and then we feed into that though with more energy. We give it more attention… 17 seconds go by and we’ve established that pathway of where we are going for the day. We begin to attract more of those stressful situations and experiences for our beings. 

One bad thing happens, and then the day continues down that path. That’s because we don’t think we have a choice. BUT WE DO. 

Where your attention goes, energy flows. So where is your focus? Where is your focused attention? Is it consistently on the negative, looping in beliefs that don’t resonate anymore… simply because it doesn’t feel like there’s another way? 

How does your mindset correlate to your daily experience? 

Begin to observe. Take a day and become aware of the thoughts you’re thinking, the emotions you’re feeling, and how your external environment correlates to your internal energy. 

by Yana Muenzmeyer

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