The morning priming exercise is a daily practice that awakens the mind, body, and soul. It combines an energizing breathing technique with gratitude and manifestation to embody feelings of love, joy and appreciation, which set the tone for a positive day and leave you feeling renewed, energized and focused. 

Energized Breathing 

3 sets of 30

The priming exercise begins with a breathing technique that draws energy into your body. You will do 3 sets of 30. Start by closing your eyes and putting your arms in the air. As you pull your arms down swiftly, you will exhale through your nose hard enough to hear it. As you do this, imagine pulling energy from source into your body. As you inhale through your nose hard enough to hear it, you will raise your arms back in the air, priming them with more source energy. You will do this 30 times quickly. Then take a break for a few seconds. Keep your eyes closed and place your hands in your lap with your palms facing up. Feel into your body. Bring awareness to anywhere in the body where you feel tension, tingling or any sensation and simply take notice of it without judgement. When you are ready, take a deep cleansing breath in and out and continue to do 2 more sets of 30. 

Gratitude Practice

3 things you’re grateful for – 1 minute each

Next, you will move into the gratitude practice. Gratitude is the core of manifestation. If you are grateful for what you currently have, the universe will continue delivering more things to be grateful for. During this practice, you will focus on 3 things you are grateful for and spend about a minute on each one. 

Keeping your eyes closed, place your hands on your heart to activate the brain heart coherence. Search for a moment in your life you are truly grateful for. This can be something that happened today or something that happened years ago. It doesn’t matter when it happened or how big or small the moment was. What matters is that it’s something that you can feel deep love and appreciation for. Anchor your awareness in this gratitude and appreciation. Fully immerse yourself in the feeling of gratitude, love, and joy as if you’re experiencing it all over again. Allow yourself to soak into these feelings of pure love for a minute. You may even feel like saying the words thank you as you relive this experience.


3 minutes of visualization + feeling

Next, you will move into the manifestation practice where you will spend 3 minutes visualizing your biggest dreams as though they have already happened. Play it like a movie in your mind and try to tap into all of the feelings of having it now. Feel the love, excitement, joy, relief and gratitude as though it’s already done. Pairing visualization with feelings gives power to your manifestation. When you are done, you can say aloud or in your mind, it is done. Take one more cleansing breath in and out. When you are ready, open your eyes.

Repeat this practice every morning. Don’t rush it or view it as something you need to check off your list. Give yourself the gift of fully immersing into these wonderful feelings and enjoying the practice. By spending a few minutes of your morning on priming, you will get this time back later in the day as it will leave you feeling renewed, focused, and energized.