Stop Delaying Your JOY

Isn’t it time to move through some things that have been bothering you? 

Isn’t it time to come to a better place within you? 

Isn’t it time to stop settling with what is beneath you? 

Isn’t it time to say goodbye to what is not feeling good in your life and begin saying yes to what does? 

And you know what that is… 

Isn’t it time to stop putting up and tolerating?

If you don’t let this go and allow yourself to move forward, you prohibit yourself from discovering the joy, freedom, liberation, love, inner peace, authentic happiness, and passion on the other side. 

Trust me, it’s there. You only need to give yourself permission to go there. Permission to let go, to say goodbye to what is not feeling good in your life, and to begin moving toward what feels good, feels better, and worthy of the beautiful soul that you are. And you are!

If you haven’t given yourself permission yet, because you’ve been afraid, I give you permission. 

We are here to help give that to you, alongside you. We are here to support, guide, teach, cheer you on, and empower you in ways that feel good to you, even if one small step at a time. There are many of us here to help you with this. Pick one.

What price are you paying for staying and not going? There’s so much goodness on the other side. So much!

How long will you wait for your JOY?

Don’t delay any longer. 


by Linda Anderson