A message from Linda

Move through your shame into the light at the end of the tunnel.

Join us as we bring love back into our bodies and move through shame. 

When in alignment with the love that you are, what feels loving to the body will be done, acted upon. When aligned with the body’s shame, what feels shameful to the body will be done and acted upon—so much shame, dear one. Fault is not the word.

There needs to be no fault. There only needs to be transcendence brought by love.

You are here to clear this shame.

I’m so sad JUJU. so much shame has been inducted into the human psyche, especially the feminine psyche. This is men and women. All of the aspects of the feminine were brought to be shameful. Church indoctrination but deeper than that. Bodies used for gratification, to satisfy a hunger displaced, to overpower for power. Misplaced power. Misplaced hunger. Beauty long forgot, the inner and the outer. You are here to clear this shame, the misplaced energies, to bring them back to their rightful place and stature. 

These questions may be asked over and over to bring about a new way:

What would loving me look like? What will love do to me today? What will love give to me today? How will love treat my body?  

It is a slowing down to truly feel and see. 

What does the body need at any given moment?  – especially when you look at yourself. Especially when you look in the mirror. Especially when you feel your stomach. 

What do you feel? 


Ashamed at what I have done to myself.

What you have done is only the after-behavior of the belief that you are shameful.

Are you? Are you shameful? You hear your mother’s voice: you should be ashamed of yourself-and it cuts like a knife fileting you wide open. 

And where did she hear and know to say that? From her mother, who heard it from her mother and her mother, and don’t forget the father calling shame to the daughter for showing her skin, or flirting, or simply looking pretty.  And where did he get that? A long line of belittling belief systems to override power. 

Fear not, dear one, this is clearing.

It is deep, yes. It is clearing. Of course, it will be loudly felt by you and many right now, as all that has been suppressed, impressed, imprinted is asking to be seen, heard, LOVED. LOVED. LOVED. LOVED. Do you see? You are bringing love back into your body and back into your mind. You are shifting a huge tectonic plate, a massive template put on society. It is highly visible, NOT to purposely make you feel bad but to feel what has been. To give it voice, visibility, the chance to scream, the chance shout, the chance to say: NO MORE.  And you step back into the true love of yourself.

You do not have to right a wrong.

You simply say, no more. It is done. I love you. I love you. I love you. Embrace her. Give her a smile. Release her. She is no longer needed. You have beautiful things to do. The time of shame has run out. As you say, it is leaving the building.

Free yourself once and for all from this shame template and be lovingly free.



JU Lead Steward & Founder, Linda Strauss Anderson

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