Are You Ready To Play A New Game?

Change the game chalk line

Change the game. 

First, you recognize something sucks. Something does​n’​t feel good. Actually, you’ve known it for a long time.

Then you get enough courage to move away from it to end the chapter. This sucks too​​ , but you know you have to go.

There’s got to be something more, something better. 

First, hoping it’s a better man, a better ​woman​, a better job, more money…

THEN, you realize, the something more you are desiring​… ​is ​YOU.


You are the more you have been wanting and desiring. You. 

To come into the fullness of the love of your very own self. 

To come into acceptance of your very own self. 

To realize your worthiness and deservingness has nothing to do with anything because – you are worth itself. You are!

Simply by breathing​,​ you are!

And the game changes. 

You don’t need anyone. You are already it for you. 


You begin rendezvousing with those who are also it for them. They ​who ​have come into the fullness of their own love, their own acceptance, their worth… and they don’t need anyone either. 

This is the beauty. 

Co-dependence becomes obsolete. 

The game has changed. 

A new game begins. 

Are you ready to play?

JU Lead Steward & Founder, Linda Strauss Anderson

As we all embark into new beautiful patterns, realizing our mind games and coming into our true selves, there are resources here for us to facilitate this positive evolution.

We are collectively experiencing so much right now, and there is no need to feel alone.

We are all here to propel each other’s purpose and release the things that hold us back. Join us on this beautiful progression in the JU App!

You can find soothing guided meditations that ease you into a fun new mindfulness practice, loads of information on healing modalities, and interact with a community that is JUST LIKE YOU! 

Come on in, you are safe with us!