Clearing the old belief : I’ve done something wrong, I’m in trouble again. Once and for all.

Yes. This belief system is deep and primordial, since the beginning of TIME… time as you know it as the human. Lemuria. Experiments. Experiments gone wrong..

Remember in essence nothing has been wrong, whatever was deemed wrong was also cleared simultaneously. You are in a Now moment as part of that clearing. Yes, something, some things happened as part of experimenting. This is expansion, yes?


It is time to remove the notion, the deep notion that something has gone wrong. This is it. That you did something wrong then. This is the biggest illusion, deception, false programming, misunderstanding made by the human mind. In truth it was over in a blip, a blink of an eye. Humanity relives it again and again, as it made an emotional impact on the psyche, an energetic imprint that then grew and grew.

Do you see? In actuality, it was nothing. A blip of an experiment. It was over as soon as it began. Do you see? There is nothing wrong. There never was. In essence, it never happened.


You’ve never done anything wrong, and neither has anyone else. Please see this now so you can fully move forward to do the most beautiful splendid, wondrous joyous most loving ‘work’ you are here to do. Please let this completely wash away. Let mother Gaia transmute it back into beautiful Source energy. There is nothing wrong and there never was. 


Source is creation itself yes? So you are creation. You are her, an energetic stream of her, creating. As all are energetic streams creating, creating as in imaginative. As in simulation, the most glorious simulation ever imagined and more and more and more. How fun! It is safe. This is the key. There is nothing dangerous about Source creating. Nothing bad can happen. Nothing bad can go wrong. This is a separation mentality and NOT truth. 

This is Source playing with all aspects of possibility. This is hard for the human to hear because of the dense energy that has ‘blocked’ the knowing, the remembering. When the memory returns that you/we are all energetic aspects/streams of Source imagining and creating for the pure JOY of it, we can realize it is all good and nothing is wrong.  

Nothing is wrong, dear one. Nothing. No one has done anything wrong. No one is in trouble. You are not in trouble. The world is not in trouble. Do you see? Can you let this go now? Read this over and over and over and over. You must see this truth. You must remember. You do know this deep down. 


You will not feel this up in the human collective stream. It is an old program that has been running in the human mind for a very long time. This is what we mean when we say, we are here to clear old templates, models, programs that are false and obsolete. And where we say, all fear statements coming to the surface now are just those clearing the human psyche. 

It is so slow in terms of human time. It is but a blink of an eye within the Universe. 

In truth, it has already cleared and you already are on the new template, the new timeline. That is why we want you to state your future self and future ideas in the past tense. Do you see? It’s time to stop running and replaying old programs of fear that have been over since they began.

Over since they began. Over since they began. XO

JU Lead Steward & Founder, Linda Strauss Anderson