You know when hummingbirds come to visit and the whoosh of their wings catches you by surprise? All of a sudden, a joyful, playful, magical presence overcomes you; overwhelming you with wonderment.

I love those moments.

And that’s how I feel about the JOY Undiluted App.

The meaning of the hummingbird is beautifully described by Kim Krans, in The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck & Guidebook.

The hummingbird.
positive, enthusiastic, spiritually resourceful.

Inside the tiny hummingbird resides an endless well of energy and positivity. The humming-bird’s secret is that it has learned where to gather nectar, and it returns to those sources daily for nourishment and rejuvenation. This sacred elixir springs from many sources but usually involves nature, creativity, and exploring spirituality. Follow the way of the humming-bird and you cannot go wrong. Every droplet of life becomes sweet, every moment worth savoring.

When in balance: smart, curious, loves to learn
When out of balance: pushy, insistent, sharp
To bring into balance: take a class

The JOY Undiluted App is an expansive container of love, joy, energy, sanctuary,
peace, and positivity endlessly overflowing with light. You can return to it daily,
just as a hummingbird, to receive energetic nourishment and inspiration, explore
different ideas, and share in a safe space.

You’re free in this space; download the app and come play.

Welcome home hummingbird.

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