Yes, it truly is a phenomenal time to be living in so many ways, yet a difficult time as well. So much good, yet still so much not so good.

The cool news is that we are moving out of old dysfunctional dynamics, patterns, and relationships–personal, relational, societal, career–that have been stifling disempowering, and suppressing our JOY.

Fortunately, this truly is the time to move out of this. There is more support, guidance, freedom to express, safety to express, and safety to be You than ever!

Will you take the space to look at your life and see the areas that you are putting up with still? Find the areas where you are not living in JOY.

Will you allow yourself to see what your heart’s desires are and begin moving toward them knowing you actually have that right? Will you empower yourself to live your JOY, then help empower others?

There is such a thing as authentic happiness. There is such a thing as genuine joy. We do get to experience this! All of us!

This begins to emerge within us, as we allow ourselves to let go of all that does not serve our hearts and our souls.

There is so much love, joy, happiness, and peace for us to uncover, discover, explore, experience, live, and share with others.

We hope you’ll get curious.

We hope you’ll see more possibilities.

Give yourself permission to Live your unique Undiluted JOY.

Need a little love and inspiration? That’s why we’re here.

XO, Linda