Come back into your heart.

We are in a continuous state of shift and change now.  New solutions and ways of living are being birthed.

I had the most amazing and impactful RESET in Mount Shasta. Spectacular weather, nature, all senses heightened, scents, energies, sights ( inner and outer), deeper clarity on so many things coming forth for me, profound messages and connections, time to process, time to just be, and time to create. Seeing more how I would like my flow to be and is asking to be, going forward – especially returning to Ada. 

Too Much attention to what is happening in our outer world, getting too caught up in the emotions, reactions, drama, and fear… takes a major toll on the body, mind, and soul.  If unaware, it can actually feed into all that is happening and amplify the very things we wish would go away.

So what do we do? 

Reset your mental. 

Have more pockets of peace. Take Breath Breaks. Make self care a priority.. Honor your emotions. Discover new ways of living that fuel you instead of deplete you.

Come IN from the storm. Come IN and center yourself. Come back INTO the body (the mental madness comes from only looking outside or up in the ego chatter of the mind). 

Come back into the body. Come back into your heart. Breathe. 

Take. A. Breather. Then listen. 

Listen to what is calling to you. Listen to what you really need. Listen to the one next step. Take it. Then get back in the body again. 

Do you have any idea the power of one quiet, still moment? 

It is profound beyond human comprehension, yet the evidence will begin proving itself.  

Imagine if you began taking more than one minute, then more and more,  until IT became a way of being. 

Sometimes the reset, the action step, is actually going to a destination like Mount Shasta.  

This can all be done exactly where you are as well.  

We will be soon launching a Reset The Mental space inside of the JOY Undiluted App, where you get to play with all kinds of Resets.  A digital tech space to come out of the storm, into the calm, and get you well on the way of your, “new way of being.” You’ll be the first to know when it’s live!

We are in a continuous state of shift and change now. There’s no going back. 

There are amazing new ways to be, live, rest, play, work, feel calm, open up to more joy, and reset your mental. 

Life is as good as we allow it to be and gets even better when we see what’s truly possible. XO

Linda Strauss Anderson
Linda Strauss Anderson

JOY Undiluted Founder
It brings me great pleasure to support, encourage, nudge, teach, ignite, inspire and help you remember the amazing soul that you truly are!