The Divine Breath

Transformation Through the Breath Meditation

Have you ever immersed yourself in a new practice and instantly realized, “This will change my life.”? There are many practices and modalities we can use as vessels to sail the energies we encounter. Let’s take a leap into the realm of deep breathing and visualization. It is time to understand we can change how we react and unlock our infinite potential.

I have always dealt with intense anxiety; it can be debilitating at times and completely overwhelming. From getting physically ill to heavy emotions, and exhaustion. When I take a closer look at these difficult emotions that cause such an adverse reaction, I see how much suffering is self-inflicted. There are practices we can use to heal ourselves from the inside and expose the truth deep within.

We must remember what we have forgotten, and that is that we have a choice, we are not out of control. This meditation has brought me peace in some of the most trying moments and allowed me to cleanse myself of what is not needed. Through the breath, we can transform and enable the gift of the breath to enter every cell in your body.

Through this deep inner connection, we dislodge depression, annihilate the anxiety, and re-discover what it is like to love yourself. Visualization can take you out of your shadow, and into your inner luminary. Take a moment to exhale what you do not need, as I and all of us at JU do the same.