My name is Ty Dobbs, and I am a Yoga Luminary at Joy Undiluted. I offer both private and group classes to the growing JU community.

Everyones path to yoga has looked different, with this in mind, I encourage continued nurturing of your own practice. Whether you are new to yoga, getting back into it, or looking to deepen your current practice- I invite you to turn inward. In my one on one work with you, I will help to customize yoga sequences specifically for your needs. Taking into consideration things like your mobility, stress level, and free time. In addition to live-online classes, I offer a vast array of pre-recorded yoga flows to keep you inspired. Don’t push off your deep self love practice anymore. Decide to show up for yourself, you may be surprised to discover the vast support system there, waiting for you.


Your personalized tailored yoga practice epicenter.
In the notes, feel free to type anything you would like to work on within the class (injuries, stiffness, or concerns)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Ty is one of the most beautiful souls I know, a true Yoga Luminary! In all honesty, my yoga journey has not been very joy-filled. I feel one of the biggest reasons was not having someone to personally guide me through the emotions that were coming up for me in the yoga classes, and how to understand and process the emotions that were surfacing. Ty’s loving, open and non-judgmental presence allows me to be vulnerable and express anything coming up for me. His intuitive knowing of what I need the most for my highest benefit within the yoga flow, is a precious gift. If you’ve never had a one to one yoga flow session before, I highly recommend beginning with Ty. 

Linda Anderson, JOY Undiluted Founder

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Yoga taught by Ty is nothing short of a miraculous experience. Never before have I been guided through such a beautiful flow of connecting my emotional body to my physical body. Ty masterfully crafted a flow specifically focused on my solar plexus, and it was exactly what this energy center was craving. After experiencing this one on one flow, I realized that my focus on yoga before was purely physical. It made me feel good, and the power flows of hot yoga welcomed gentle challenges and workouts for my body. This one on one session was unlike anything I have witnessed before, and I am beyond grateful for this experience of unlocking a new potential for growth and expansion within my body, my mind and my soul. This trinity felt so beautifully connected together in harmony during this session. If you are seeking a way to nourish your mind, body and soul, Ty is your guy.  

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