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Raising the joy quotient of the planet one reset at a time.

Joy Undiluted is a global community created to guide individuals on their personal and professional journeys to more joy. 

Through our Mental Reset app, we deliver a wide variety of programs, resources, and content from visionary speakers, curated for a new era of wellness.  

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Discover JOY Undiluted’s variety of wellness programs for your mind, body, and soul — whether you’re at work, home, or play.

Mental wellness that meets you where you’re at.

The Mental Reset app makes best-in-class mental wellness practices and content accessible to anyone looking to develop mindfulness, achieve stillness, and reduce stress in their everyday life.

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Our web version offers you the same content you’ll find in the mobile experience.

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Comprehensive wellness programs designed to increase employee engagement.

Decreased productivity, lack of focus, disengagement; these are the side effects often experienced by stressed out employees. Workplace Wellness has a variety of programs designed to help your employees reset and refocus in 3 minutes or less, whether they’re remote or onsite.  

dream team studios

Bring your creative vision to life, no matter the medium. 

From music and podcasts to long and short-form video, Dream Team Studios—by Joy Undiluted—makes content creation accessible to anyone looking to channel their creative energy.

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“it’s not that your purpose is joy, it is that you are joy.